May 23, 2018

Elementary School Library Media Center

ES student browses for a bookThe elementary school has a permanent library collection that provides a wide selection of books, magazines and reference materials for all grades and reading levels, as well as computer software and videos.

Students visit the library with their classroom teacher once a week. Students are encouraged to search through the library books and may sign out two books at a time.

Library Rules

 Students are expected to treat each other and the library's materials as they would like to be treated themselves.

Internet access on computers must be used for research and educational purposes only.

No gum is allowed in the library.

Loan Policy

Students borrow books during their scheduled library classes, however, books can be returned as soon as students have finished reading them. Books are loaned to students for one six-day rotation. Books signed out during library classes one week, for example, would be due no later than the morning of library class the following week.

Reference books, videos and computer software cannot be checked out to students or parents. However, access to encyclopedias, magazine articles and other research tools are available online 24 hours a day through online resources available on the elementary school library web page.

Students in grades 1-5 may check out up to two books at a time. Kindergarten students may check out one book.

Lost/Overdue Book Policy

There are no fines for overdue library books, however, students who do not return their
book(s) on the date it is due will not be allowed to borrow additional books until their next library class. Students who have library materials that are overdue for more than one month will receive a notice from their classroom teacher. Parents and guardians will be billed for books that are not returned by the last loan date in May. If an overdue charge is still outstanding at the start of school in September, students will have their library loan privileges suspended until the fee has been settled. Students will be billed for damaged or lost materials.