May 21, 2018


Request for Gymnasium Sound System - Bid # 05-22-2018

Deadline: May 22, 2018 at 3 p.m.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Education of Duanesburg Central School District will receive sealed bids until 3:00 PM, Tuesday, May 22, 2018 when same will be publicly opened at the Business Office of the Duanesburg Central School District, 133 School Drive, Delanson, NY 12053 for the following:

Bid item - High School Gymnasium Sound System (As specified in documents)
Delivery and installation details should be included in bid communication.
Specification and bid forms may be obtained at the Business Office during the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. or call the District Office at 518-895-2279 ext. 241. The Board of Education reserves the right to reject any and all bids. By Order of the Board of Education of Duanesburg Central School District and Celeste Junge, District Clerk. Dated May 11, 2018

Specifications letter

133 School Drive

Duanesburg Central School District will receive sealed bids for the GYMNASIUM SOUND SYSTEM until 3:00PM local time on 05/22/2018 at the district office 133 School Drive, Delanson, New York 12053 at which time and place all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.

Proposals complying with the bid documents will be received for the project until the specified closing time. Bids shall be submitted on or before closing time in an opaque sealed envelope marked BID# 05-22-2018 GYMNASIUM SOUND SYSTEM on the outside and addressed to:
Ms. Penny Hardenstine
Duanesburg Central School
Central Office
133 School Drive
Delanson NY 12053

Bids shall be opened publically and the contents announced at the specified closing time and at the location immediately above. Bids received after stated time will not be accepted and will be returned unopened.

Make proposals on the bid forms provided. No oral, telegraphic or telephonic proposals or modifications will be considered.

All bids submitted shall be valid for a period of at least sixty (60) days from the date of bid opening. No immediate decision shall be rendered concerning the bids submitted at the time of opening.

The bidder shall be actively engaged in the delivery and assembly of the nature of the services for which bid is submitted as described in the bid specifications and shall have adequate equipment and personnel to do the work.

The board of education reserves the right to reject any or all bids or parts thereof, to waive any irregularities or informalities in the bidding procedures and to award contracts in a manner serving the best interest of the school district.

All bidders must comply with applicable New York State law requiring the payment of prevailing wages by all contractors working on public projects, and bidders must comply with the New York State Statuary requirements regarding labor and bidding, including Equal opportunity Laws.

Bidding documents will be on file and may be obtained from the Duanesburg Central School or by calling Penny Hardenstine at 518-895-2279 ext. 224.
The owner requires delivery and readiness to use by 06/30/2018 unless otherwise agreed upon by Duanesburg Central School District.

Penny Hardenstine Athletics Director




A. Provide a performance grade, multi-zone gymnasium sound system, with loudspeakers
permanently installed, setup and secure at the venue, with head-end equipment housed
in a main floor/wall rack. Provide an Assistive Listening System for the gymnasium
system. Provide an additional fitness center sound system with the head-end unit
located on a shelf and/or closet as provided by the owner.

B. Systems to be capable of providing sound reinforcement of dynamic
musical and vocal sources along with interfacing with other audio systems and
ancillary audio equipment. The sound system shall consistently provide intelligible
and natural sound reinforcement of voice throughout the entire gymnasium. All sound
shall be free of distortion or audio artifacts.

C. The sound system installation will be provided by a licensed Electrical Contractor
with the assistance of a subcontracted Sound System Contractor. The Sound System
Contractor will provide all equipment as listed herein along with all terminations,
system setup, loudspeaker aiming, digital signal processor and wireless microphone
programming, testing, calibration and user training.

D. Equipment to include all associated hardware, accessories, cabling and connectors as
required or as needed for optimum performance and functionality.

E. Installation of the gymnasium system to include TWELVE loudspeakers and
associated mounting hardware. The speakers will be mounted per plans and in
coordination with the Sound System Contractor, Electrical Engineer and Owner. The
speaker wiring will be provided as EIGHT home runs as shown on the attached block
diagram. There will be up to THREE remote antennas also installed. All wiring to be
protected per the NEC. The fitness center sound system shall include FOUR ceiling
speakers on ONE home run of wiring.

F. All systems shall be configured to accept a building PA system override and a fire
alarm system activated mute. Building PA and FA interfaces to be provided by others.


A. All equipment to comply with the latest applicable requirements and standards of the
National Electrical Code (NEC), the Electronics Industries Association (EIA), the
Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the Audio Engineering Society


A. The gymnasium ound system shall be designed and installed to produce a clear and
undistorted SPL of 95dB throughout the full bandwidth between 150Hz and 5kHz
without exceeding or being below 6dB of the reference level at all frequencies
throughout the entire complex listening areas.

B. Reproduction of sound will be controlled utilizing CPU based digital signal processors
(DSP). The DSPs will be custom configured (equalization, compression, limiting,
time alignment, feedback reduction filters, etc.) and programmed by the Sound System
Contractor to provide the optimum fidelity and to insure system protection from
excessive volume. Precise adjustments will be made utilizing advanced acoustical
analysis tools such as SIA SmaartLive software and calibrated testing hardware.

C. The loudspeakers will be configured to provide articulate sound reproduction and will
be positioned to provide a minimum amount of acoustical interaction with nonlistening
areas. All loudspeakers will be mechanically secured to structural steel
(ceiling truss) and will also include a safety cable. All working load limits will be
based on minimum safety ratios of 7:1.

D. The system shall include a main equipment rack with one wired microphone, two
wireless handheld microphones, two wireless earset microphones, an audio media
player (CD, USB, BlueTooth, Aux Jack, AM/FM Tuner), and a mixer for adjusting all
input levels. The system will be capable of accepting a contact closure (normally
open) for system muting (from the building fire alarm system). The system will also
be capable of accepting an emergency override page (from the building public address

E. The two amplifiers will provide eight channels of 2,000w at 4 ohms along with a 4x4
digital matrix DSP each.


A. The sound system equipment shall be furnished by and installed under the direction of
a qualified professional Sound System Contractor experienced in the installation,
testing and adjustment of sound systems similar to the systems specified herein.

B. Said Sound System Contractor is to have been a certified member of at least two of the
following professional audio organizations:
Audio Engineering Association (AES)
InfoComm (formerly International Communications Industries Association)
National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS)
National Systems Contractor Association (NSCA)

C. Said Sound System Contractor is to have received factory authorized training for
analog and digital audio signal processing from at least three of the following
professional audio equipment manufacturer’s:
Ashly Audio, Peavey Electronics, QSC Audio, Sennheiser, Shure

D. Said Sound System Contractor shall employ a team of personnel highly trained and
experienced in the fields of audio engineering. The team leader should have at least
10 (ten) years experience as an audio engineer and should, at a minimum, have earned
a CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) certification from InfoComm.

E. Safety in the workplace is the highest priority. All contracted personnel at the work
site shall be regularly trained and certified for safe work practices. At a minimum,
each worker should posses an OSHA 10 card.

F. Said Sound System Contractor may be required to provide references from previous
customers and authorization from equipment manufacturers.

G. Acceptable Sound System Contractors to include:
Pro Sound Associates
and other qualified contractors


A. To maintain certain manufacturer's warranties, equipment must be installed, aligned
and serviced by those installers authorized by said manufacturer to perform those
duties. The Sound System Contractor will include a statement of warranty on the
entire system and on the individual pieces of equipment. The system warranty will be
one year from the date of system acceptance by the Owner. This warranty shall
obligate the Sound System Contractor to provide equipment, material, and labor if
required, at no charge to the Owner, during the warranty period, in the event of system
or equipment malfunction due to defect.

B. Sound System Contractor to maintain a dedicated service representative and point of
contact for future support,

C. Response for service and/or operational assistance shall be within 24 hours of
receiving such service call and will be provided during normal working hours Monday
through Friday.


The Sound System Contractor shall provide electronic copies of the following submittals:

A. Product Data: Manufacturer's descriptive literature for each type of device or piece of
equipment, and wire/cable

B. Shop Drawings: Complete description and wiring riser diagram layout of
sound system, clearly indicating all devices, equipment, etc. A functional block
diagram with wire labels.

C. Operations / Maintenance Manual (Users Guides): Manufacturer's operational
manuals for each type of device or piece of equipment requiring manual operation
along with an as-built drawing accounting for any system configuration changes if
such exist.

F. Statement of Guarantee and Warranty: Contractor’s letter of completion, including
equipment warranty (minimum one year) and labor guarantee (minimum two years)



A. Equipment listed herein is not intended to be restricted to specific manufacturers but
provide a technical feature set and performance specifications on which the entire
systems design is based. Each manufacturer and model listed has been carefully
chosen based on technical performance requirements, specific feature sets, quality of
manufacturing, and overall subjective experience with the success of such equipment
in previous system installations. All performance equivalent substitutions must be
authorized by the Electrical Engineer prior to system acceptance, purchase, and

B. Acceptable manufacturers may include:
- Community, Adaptive Technologies and Fehr Bros. for rigging hardware
- Ashly Audio, Symetrix, and QSC Audio for digital signal processors
- K&M, FrameWorks and Atlas-Soundolier for microphone hardware
- Community, RCF and QSC Audio for loudspeakers
- Furman Sound, Surge-Ex and Middle Atlantic Products for power distribution
- Listen Technologies, Telex and Williams Sound for assistive listening systems
- Middle Atlantic Products, Lowell and Gator for racks and hardware
- QSC Audio, LabGruppen and Ashly Audio for amplifiers
- Sennheiser, Shure and DPA for wired and wireless mics and accessories
- Tascam, Denon and Marantz for CD players and Bluetooth receivers
- Whirlwind, Neutrik and Canare for portable wiring and accessories

2.1 EQUIPMENT (continued)
1 1 NE24.24M-4X4 Ashly 4x4 digital matrix processor
2 4 D8 Community ceiling speaker system (FITNESS CENTER)
3 12 R.5-96MAX Community high performance all weather loudspeaker
4 1 DN-312X Denon 12x3 mixer
5 1 DN-300Z Denon audio media player
6 1 DN-306XA Denon mixer/receiver/amplifier (FITNESS CENTER)
7 1 GFW-MIC-0601 Gator/Frameworks desktop mic stand
8 2 GFW-MIC-2020 Gator/Frameworks tall mic stand w/ boom
9 1 GU-2015-10-WPNF Gator/Frameworks utility case (for portables)
10 1 LA-122 Listen assistive listening remote antenna kit w/ cable
11 6 LA-166 Listen assistive listening induction neckloop
12 2 LA-304 Listen assistive listening signage
13 1 LA-311 Listen assistive listening charging case
14 1 LA-326 Listen assistive listening rack kit
15 14 LA-361 Listen assistive listening rechargeable batteries
16 8 LA-405 Listen assistive listening earphones
17 14 LR-400-216 Listen assistive listening receiver
18 1 LT-800-216 Listen assistive listening transmitter
19 1 D2 Middle Atlantic stoarae drawer
20 1 DWR-18-22PD Middle Atlantic wall rack w/ plexi front door
21 1 EB-1 Middle Atlantic blank panel
22 1 EVT-1 Middle Atlantic vent panel
23 1 HM MiddleAtlantic premium rack screws
24 1 PDLT-815RV-RN Middle Atlantic power distro w/ lights
25 2 CXD4.5 QSC 4x 1,250w at 8 ohms amplifier w/ 4x4 DSP
26 1 TX-70A RDL passive transformer
27 2 QLXD24/SM58-H50 Shure digital wireless handheld microphone system
28 2 QLXD14/SM35-H50 Shure digital wireless headworn microphone system
29 4 SB900A Shure rechargeable battery pack
30 1 SBC-200-US Shure charging dock w/ power supply
31 1 SBC-200 Shure charging dock
32 1 SM58S Shure handheld microphone w/ switch
33 1 UA844+SWB/LC Shure antenna/power distro
34 1 1RU / CUSTOM Whirlwind custom input/output panel
35 3 MKQ25NP Whirlwind/Canare premium microphone cable
36 1 MS2RT10 Whirlwind portable audio cable (STMINI to dual RCA)
37 1 MST10 Whirlwind portable audio cable (STMINI)

C. Provide any/all additional materials as needed for a fully functional system.



A. Installation shall include delivery, unloading, setting in place, inter-connecting wiring
of system components, equipment alignment, adjustments, programming, and all other
work whether or not expressly required herein which is necessary to result in a
complete, operational and optimum performing system.

B. All installation practices shall be in accordance with, but not limited to, this
specification. Installation shall be performed in accordance with the applicable
standards, requirements, and recommendations of National, State, and Local
authorities having jurisdiction.

C. During installation, and up to the date of System Acceptance, the Electrical Contractor
shall be under obligation to protect the Sound System Contractor’s finished and
unfinished work against damage and loss. In the event of such damage or loss, the
Electrical Contractor shall replace or repair such work at no cost to the Sound System


A. A physical inventory will be taken of all equipment on site and will be compared to
equipment lists in the contract documents.

B. If requested, proof of performance shall be demonstrated with written verification of
SPL and frequency response measurements plotted on a site map. Only actual
readings are accepted. Computer simulation models are not acceptable. All test
documentation shall be submitted at close out along with all final "as built" drawings,
manuals, and other required documentation.

C. The operation of all system equipment shall be demonstrated by the Sound System
Contractor. A Training Sign-Off sheet with signatures of all training attendees will be
recorded and distributed at close out.


A. The Sound System Contractor will provide on-the-job training by a qualified
instructor, to instruct the Owner in the operation and maintenance of the system.
Owner is advised to provide system operators with basic sound system knowledge to
be present at time of training. There shall be a total of two hours allocated for
training. This training may take place before, during and/or after System Acceptance.


A. The Electrical Contractor shall administer all equipment warrantees for a minimum of
one year after purchase. Installation shall be guaranteed for a minimum of two years
after provision.

Letter of transmittal form

Hold Harmless Agreement

Gym sound drawing / diagram

Iran Divestment Act of 2012 Certification

Non Collusion Affadavit

Bidder Reference Sheet

Sound system bid form