May 21, 2018

School-community partnership


The Duanesburg Central School District realizes that education is not an isolated activity allotted solely to the school during school hours. To that end, the district has developed a powerful network of school-community partnerships that are jointly dedicated to providing the best education possible to all members of the community. Some of these committees and organizations are:

  • > Duanesburg Education Foundation - The foundation raises and collects funds to help support students and academic programs in Duanesburg.
  • > Duanesburg Community Parent Teacher Association (PTA) - Supports various activities and scholarship programs.
  • > Site Based Teams - Parents, administrators, teachers, staff and students dedicated to improving the overall academic program.
  • > Booster Club - Supporting the district's after-school athletic program.
  • > Proctor's TheatreSince 2009, the district has benefited from an arts-in-education grant from Proctor's Theatre, which affords students districtwide the opportunity to attend live performances, educational programs and films as well as an in-depth residency program. 
  • > Duanesburg's 250th Anniversary - DCS joined with the Town of Duanesburg in celebrating its 250th anniversary in 2015. DCS honored the historic event at Duanesburg Day in March with displays and commemorative items (including a logo designed by our students) and continuing an annual tradition of honoring the region's heritage.