April 24, 2017

Board of Education

The DCS Board of Education includes Mike Jackson, Mara Burns, Christina Loukides, Vice President Kent Sanders, President Dirk Felton, Deborah Grier and Tina Gamache

About the board

The Board of Education is composed of seven members who serve three-year terms. Members are elected by residents in the community to establish policy and direct the administration of the district's schools. As your representatives, the board exercises the community's rights to citizen control over public education. Every Board of Education in the State of New York has legal and financial control over local school matters, subject only to limitations imposed by the United States Constitution, Federal Law, State Law, regulations of the Commissioner of Education, and, of course, the will of local residents as expressed in local elections. [LEARN MORE ABOUT BOARD ELECTIONS]

Board of Education Members (listed by term)

Tina Gamache (Term expires 5/16/17)

Mara Burns (Term expires 6/30/2017)

Mike Jackson (Term expires 6/30/2017)

Dirk Felton, President (Term expires 6/30/2018)

Christina Loukides (Term expires 6/30/2018)

Kent Sanders, Vice President (Term expires 6/30/2019)

Deborah F. Grier (Term expires 6/30/19)


Email the Board or individual members

To contact the Board as a whole, please email


Dirk Felton, President:
Kent Sanders, Vice President:
Mara Burns:
Tina Gamache:
Deb Grier:
Mike Jackson:
Christina Loukides:

Meeting schedule, agendas and minutes

Board of Education meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. in the high school library unless otherwise noted. All board meetings are open to the public. Special meetings are held as necessary. [VIEW THE MEETING SCHEDULE]

Watch board meetings on television

School board meetings are televised on Time Warner Cable Channel 18. [VISIT SCHOPEG'S WEB SITE TO VIEW A PROGRAMMING SCHEDULE]

Policy manual updates

Under state law, there is a formal process by which policies are added to or changed in a school district's policy manual. All proposed changes must appear on the agenda of at least two Board of Education meetings before being approved. Proposed changes appear first as a discussion item at one meeting. Board members cannot vote on the change until a subsequent meeting. Policies are reviewed periodically to keep them up-to-date. [VIEW RECENT UPDATES TO THE POLICY MANUAL]

Learn how to communicate effectively with school officials

The Duanesburg Central School District strives to keep the avenues of communication open and ensure that all concerns and issues are addressed in the best way possible. [LEARN MORE]

Board goals

The goals of the Board of Education include raising the level of student academic success, implementing a facilities improvement program, extending and enhancing community outreach and involvement, improving communications at all levels, and maintaining and improving fiscal stability. [READ DETAILED BOARD GOALS]

Board Committees

Individual board members are required to be members of various board committees. For information about the goals and responsibilities of each committee, click on committee names:

Board of Education Petitions

Board of Education Petitions are available at the Duanesburg Central Office. Those interested should call 895-2279 to request a petition to be mailed or may stop in to pick one up.