June 24, 2018


NUTRIKIDS and mySchoolBucks: Convenient & confidential

Fall 2015

DCS will launch NUTRIKIDS/mySchoolBucks on Oct.6, providing students and their families with a convenient and confidential way to manage student meal and allergy information, pay for meals and manage accounts.

The NUTRIKIDS/mySchoolBucks secure online payment service offers parents, guardians and students a payment option in addition to cash or checks. Parents/guardians can easily deposit money into their children’s accounts and review activity. Such prepaying can help ensure children are using the money provided for nutritious meals served in the DCS cafeteria. Having money in a child’s account prior to his or her entering the cafeteria should also help lunch lines move along faster, giving children more time to eat and be with friends.

Information about students who qualify for free or reduced price meals is securely contained in the system, and their meals are processed the same as for all other students. Such confidentiality can help prevent students from experiencing potentially uncomfortable situations.

Students will use the same student ID for NUTRIKIDS/mySchoolBucks that they already use to log onto the student portal, and staff will help younger students learn their ID numbers.

Parents/guardians who choose not to take advantage of the online payment service may continue to make advance payments via check made payable to Duanesburg Central School Lunch Fund, with their child’s full name written on the check.

How to get started? Parents/guardians can access mySchoolBucks by clicking on to create and then add money to their child’s school meal account. All that's needed is the child’s name, school, and student ID number.

Parents and guardians also should know:

- If they have more than one child in the district, they can handle all online prepayments from the same online account.

- Payments may be made with a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card. Payments may also be made using an e-check.

- To use the online prepayment service, a convenience fee of $1.95 per deposit transaction will be assessed to cover bank fees. Parents/guardians placing money into multiple meal accounts will only be assessed the $1.95 fee once per deposit transaction. Duanesburg Central School will not profit from the use of this site.

- Parents/guardians may fund up to $120 per child, but may pay for all children in a family on a single transaction.

To register for a mySchoolBucks Account:

- Parent/guardians need their child’s student ID number, which is available by contacting the child’s school or the Food Services office.

- Go to

- Click REGISTER FOR A FREE ACCOUNT and enter the required information.

- Click FINISH to complete the initial registration process.

Adding students to an account:

- Once logged into your new account, click MY HOUSEHOLD from the left-side navigation bar.


- Select your child’s school from the drop-down box.

- Enter your child’s first name.

- Enter your child’s last name.

- Enter your child’s student ID number.



- Click FINISH or click ADD ANOTHER STUDENT to repeat the process for additional children.

Making a Deposit:

- From the My Household page, click MAKE A PAYMENT.

- Enter the deposit amount for each student account, then click ADD TO BASKET.

- Review the amount(s) you have entered and click CHECK OUT NOW. If you need to adjust an amount click CONTINUE SHOPPING.

- Enter your payment information and click CONTINUE.

- If paying with a credit or debit card, enter the three or four digit Verification Code that appears on the back of your card, then click CONTINUE.

- Review your order and make sure all deposits are correct, then click PLACE ORDER.

- Click PRINT ORDER to generate a receipt of your transaction in a new window. We recommend that you keep a copy for records.

- Click FINISH to complete the transaction.