June 24, 2018

Food allergies and our schools

A message from our school nurses:

We would like to raise awareness within our school community about  food allergies. There may be students at Duanesburg Central Schools with peanut/tree nut allergies. Food allergies are a growing health issue in this country and in many cases the allergies are life-threatening. It can take as little as 1/10,000 of a teaspoon of peanut or peanut butter to cause a fatal reaction.

Our school needs to be a safe environment of learning and growth for the entire student body. With that in mind, we are asking that you keep peanuts/peanut butter/tree nuts to a minimum. We realize that some children are very finicky eaters and you can not get them to eat anything else. If your child is bringing a peanut product for snack or lunch please remind him or her that he/she should not share foods with other students, should not eat on the bus, should keep hands to himself/herself and should wash up after eating.

Some schools have gone to “no nut” policies. We feel this could lead to a false sense of security. If we are aware that there are peanut products in school, yet remain vigilant in our safety practices then we are always protecting the students. Peanut flour and peanut oil are used in many everyday products that we would never suspect and these pose just as much a threat as raw peanuts.

Thank you for doing your part to keeping our school a safe environment for everyone.

For more information about food-related and other allergies, visit the following resources: