June 24, 2018

School bus safety: Drop off location reminder

October 11, 2012

For safety and security purposes, elementary school children who board their assigned school bus at DES can only be dropped off at their designated drop off locations/bus stops. Elementary school children cannot exit the bus at Duanesburg Middle/High School--even to get a ride home with older siblings.

“Once children are on our school buses, their safety is in our hands—and we take it very seriously,” explains DCS Transportation Manager Harry Folckemer. “We must abide by the guidelines we set for parents which means picking up and dropping off students only at their designated bus stops.”

DCS drivers are responsible for learning each child’s drop off location and must adhere to the drop off assignment. In order for drivers to be accountable and responsible for each student on their bus, drop off locations cannot be changed. If your child needs to be dropped off at a different location, parents must contact the bus garage to schedule alternate arrangements. Thank you for supporting student safety.