June 24, 2018



Mixing it up in math class

March 2, 2014


Mixing it up at DCSThe week of February 10 was "mix it up" week at the Middle/High School as part of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program. Teachers were encouraged to mix things up in their classrooms. In the period eight Algebra I class, desks were pushed aside and students sat on pillows, blankets and bean bag chairs and worked from clip boards.

PBIS is a research-based framework that helps schools, including DCS's Elementary, Middle and High schools, reduce behavioral problems and promote a learning environment where teachers can teach and students can learn. As an overall approach rather than a curriculum, PBIS involves the active participation of all school staff, students and their families.

Numerous schools, both locally and nationally, have documented their success with PBIS, experiencing fewer disciplinary referrals and suspensions and spending more time on academics and learning.