May 23, 2018


NYS Safe Schools website offers wealth of info, resources

April 7, 2014


Parents, schools and first responders can all find a wide range of resources and helpful information in one place, the New York State Safe Schools Initiative website.

Presented jointly by Governor Cuomo, New York State Police, New York State Education Department, Department of Criminal Justice Services, Division of Homeland Security Emergency Services, the mission of the New York State Safe Schools Initiative is "to help schools across the state implement effective school safety strategies and plans to enhance emergency preparedness.

"The state is also committed to assisting schools by educating them on valuable ways to foster good communication between school staff, students, and law enforcement agencies. The strategies and plans as well as the cooperative relationships will allow schools to better identify and address the needs and concerns of our school students, creating environments where students can learn, grow and thrive."

Topics for parents include:
Managing Stress
Parenting Your School-age Child
Gangs 101
School Connectedness
Bullying and the Special Needs Child
FAQ's - Treatment of Children with Mental Disorders
Bullying, and
Cyber Bullying

For more information, visit the website at