June 24, 2018


HS editorial writer: PBIS increases school spirit

June 17, 2014


Instituted this past fall at Duanesburg Elementary and Middle/High schools, the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program united students, staff and families in promoting good behavior, a positive school atmosphere and a more productive learning environment. When PBIS first launched, however, some were skeptical, including DCS senior Alaina Possumato, who penned the following article for the Winter 2014 issue of The Eagle's Eye high school newspaper.

Alaina PossumatoPBIS increases school spirit

By Alaina Possumato

Whining flooded the halls at Duanesburg High School earlier this year. Phrases such as “It’s a prison here,” and “We’re treated like babies,” were heard in practically every homeroom. However, as the year progressed, it seems students may have had a change of heart towards the changes in their school.

The acronym PBIS, which stands for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports, was to students pretty much synonymous with annoying, time consuming and pointless rules and activities when it was first introduced. But what started with locker, bathroom, and office passes in every room, actually led to a lot of fun.

PBIS “fun days” on half days encouraged children who may have otherwise stayed home, to come in to school and participate in the festivities, some of which included can-jam, snow cones, rock wall climbing, and many other exciting activities. “It was actually a lot of fun, I really like the fun days! I think it’s a good way to bring the school all together in a positive and enjoyable way,” Tess Bloom (Senior) explained enthusiastically. Before PBIS, many students felt as though Duanesburg was lacking in the school spirit department, but now school spirit is on the rise.

PBIS is also responsible for many smaller, but school wide activities, such as the quote project. All around the high school, giant letter D’s can be seen which are formed by individual quotes written by students. Each quote is designed to inspire positive behavior, but also give students the chance to express themselves. Jerimiah Kutey (Senior) is a fan of the project. “Each quote is from a different person, but they are all put together. It really brought the school together too, I think.”

So the old saying, don’t judge a book by its cover, holds true at Duanesburg High School. The once dreaded PBIS committee, turned out to be a fun-filled, spirit building organization.


Reprinted with permission from the Winter 2014 Eagle’s Eye student newspaper