June 24, 2018


Cards for Sa'fyre

DES students create cards for Sa'fyre, send special message

Dec. 16, 2016


Students in Spencer Falco's 3rd-grade class put their creative and communications skills to use by making cards to fulfill the Christmas wish of another elementary school-age student, Sa'fyre Terry of Schenectady. One of Falco's students, who was a preschool classmate of Sa'fyre, also sent her a special message.

Besides creating cards, the third graders purchased fun and festive art supplies - crayons, markers, stickers, a ruler, colored pencils, a Duanesburg folder, a Santa eraser and Christmas pencils - for Sa'fyre, who was seriously burned in a 2013 house fire that claimed the lives of her father and siblings. Cards are the only gift Sa'fyre wanted for Christmas this year.

Although Sa'fyre doesn't attend school in Duanesburg, one of the students who went to preschool with her penned a special letter. "I wonder if you remember me from preschool?" she wrote to Sa'fyre. "I hope you have a very jolly, wonderful, and happy Christmas. God bless you always."


 Cards for Sa'fyre           Cards for Sa'fyre



 Cards for Sa'fyre          Cards for Sa'fyre