May 23, 2018


Arrive Alive this prom season

May 2, 2017


A message for high school students from NYS Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara

"This prom season, Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara is urging teens and their parents to have conversations about the dangers of driving under the influence or riding in a vehicle with someone who is, and is asking them to take the Arrive Alive pledge. The pledge is a pact between teens and their guardians, with teens promising not to drink and drive or ride with someone under the influence, while parents promise to give a ride home at any time – no questions asked.

'The Arrive Alive pledge is a commitment to being safe and responsible, plain and simple,' Santabarbara said. “It’s a conversation and a promise for teens and parents to work as a team to make sure that prom night starts and ends without tragedy.'

 No one should ever get behind the wheel while they’re impaired by alcohol; the act can be deadly, especially for teenagers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 5 teens involved in a fatal car crash had alcohol in their system.

Further, youths between the ages of 16 and 20 are 17 times more likely to die in a car crash when they’ve been drinking and had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over .08 percent. It’s important to know that even one drink can lead to a devastating loss of life or serious injury when driving or riding in a car with someone who is under the influence, Santabarbara noted.

'Prom is about having fun and celebrating the end of the school year,' Santabarbara said. 'So let’s make sure it stays that way. Don’t ever drink and drive.'

 To receive a copy of the Arrive Alive pledge, contact Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara’s office at 518-382-2941 or email .  "