May 23, 2018


6th graders energized by KidWind Challenge

May 5, 2017                   

Christina Stryjek's 6th-grade science club participated in the GE KidWind Challenge in Schenectady this April, where they competed in the middle school category. They found the event to be an energizing experience.

"The students had to design and build their own turbine," Stryjek said. "Although they didn't win, they learned a lot and are already thinking about their plans to dominate next year!"

The KidWind Challenge is a national event with local sponsors, including GE, for students in 4th through 12th grade. According to the KidWind website, all the teams of one to 10 students need is "a generator, some parts, and a lot of creativity!

"The mission behind the KidWind Challenge is to:

Get students excited about the promise and opportunities of renewable energy—specifically wind power—and its relationship to global climate change.

Foster opportunities for students to build, test, explore, and understand wind energy technology at a manageable scale.

Get students—particularly girls and underrepresented populations—excited about careers in STEM fields related to renewable energy.

Build capacity of teachers, coaches, and other educators to better understand wind energy technology and development, as well as its promise and limitations.

Connect students to mentors and role models in the renewable energy industry."

Duanesburg at KidWind Challenge            Duanesburg students participate in KidWind Challenge 2017