May 21, 2018


Community Service Awards will recognize student volunteerism

Sept. 27, 2016


The Duanesburg Central School District recognizes the importance of volunteerism in our community. Community service offers the opportunity to support community activities as well as to provide service to others. Community service also allows a student to build a resume for the college application and employment processes, in addition to providing personally enriching experiences.

DCS and the Duanesburg Board of Education value the hours that students spend as volunteers and have developed the following guidelines to assist in recording those hours for formal recognition at the Awards Ceremony in June. The formal recognition will be for seniors who have accumulated the required 100-hour minimum in throughout their high school years.

1.) Students are encouraged to accrue their community service hours by demonstrating a commitment to a specific organization. Please see the list of community service organizations below* (also l listed on the on the Record Keeping/Resource List Form) for ideas of places that seek volunteer help. Students are also encouraged to pursue any volunteer organizations that are of interest to them.

Please note: Volunteer hours from the summer of 2016 can be included in all students' Record Keeping/Resource List Forms.

2.) Community Service hours are considered as hours spent in organizations other than those that directly benefit the student. Examples of activities that benefit the student and would not be considered as community service hours include class/club/athletic fundraising events, paid work, internships, etc. Family obligations are not considered as volunteer hours. A more extensive list of examples of community service is included below.*

3.) A student's volunteer hours will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony with a pin and notation in the graduation program. In order to begin Community Service Recognition by June 2017, the following will be used to phase in the hours requirement:
-- Class of 2018: 50 hours
-- Class of 2019: 75 hours
-- Class of 2020: minimum 100 hours

4.) Student volunteers are responsible for providing the Record Keeping/Resource List Form to the community service organization's contact person for signature and verification of hours.

5.) Completed Record Keeping/Resource List Forms should be returned to the Counseling Center in order to keep track of hours. Students should keep a copy of your forms for their records.

6.) Members of the Board of Education will review the Community Service Record Keeping/Resource List Forms in order to be prepared to recognize seniors at the Awards Ceremony.

Students should return their completed Community Service Record Keeping/Resource List Form to the Counseling Center on or before May 1 of their senior year.

* Community Service Resource List: What qualifies and what does not


Qualifying Examples (Participation in activities for which NO fees paid and no school letter is earned):

Blood drive
Boy Scout/Girl scout or 4H social service events

• Church/synagogue
• School-PTSO
Not-for-profit agency
• Church Music Groups(performance NOT during Church service)
• Clerical/Secretarial

• Youth soccer, baseball, basketball, or cheerleading
Environmental improvement projects
Food pantry, soup kitchen, or welcome table

• Overnight Lockdowns(limited to 4 hours)
• For public radio/TV(WAMC/WMHT)

Habitat for Humanity
Handicapped/mentally disabled events
Holiday shopping & gift wrap for charity

Honor Society:
• Service Hours
• Tutoring

Office work at not-for-profit organization
Open House Guide
Peer to Peer Mediators
PTSO functions
Recording songs/books on tape for the blind
Religious retreats (only if serving in a leadership capacity)
Religious youth groups volunteer work
Senior Citizen Organizations

• Adaptive Swim Program
• Church school class
• Classroom aid

Ushering at Fall Musical, Prom, Graduation, etc.
Volunteer (any unpaid service) such as:
• Classroom Aid
• Early Childhood Education
• Firefighter
• Hospital
• Library
• Nursing Home
• Red Cross
• Special Education Classroom
• Other Social Service Agency

Working with Special Needs People
Yard work through a social service group

Non-Qualifying Examples:

Any activity for which you are paid
Babysitting at home or neighbor's home
Camp Counselor
Choir membership
Class associated activities
Club/Athletic Fundraising
C.I.T.(Counselor in Training)
Empire Youth Orchestra
Odd jobs at home
Office work at parent- or privately-owned business
Prom Committee
School Theatricals
Paid Scorekeeping

Students help out at Salvation Army Soup Kitchen