June 25, 2018


 School Spirit Day                   School Spirit Day


Sweethearts, heroes and school spirit

Sept. 27, 2016

Friday, Sept. 23 was School Spirit Day at Duanesburg Elementary, and the school's Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) team, students and staff kicked off with an assembly by Sweethearts & Heroes.

"We all have the potential to be someone’s hero," Rick Yarosh and Tom Murphy of Sweethearts & Heroes told students, teachers and staff at the assembly.

Sweethearts and Heroes is a non-profit organization established "solely for the purpose of putting a stop to bullying through a pro-active commitment to education."  Through knowledge and communication, the organization is committed to bringing their message to individual communities, not only to help the victims, but especially to empower bystanders to make a difference.

The PBIS program promotes positive behavior, personal responsibility and school pride, with a goal of promoting a safe and productive learning environment. Both Duanesburg Elementary and Duanesburg Jr/./Sr. High School have active PBIS teams and programs.




School Spirit Day      School Spirit Day

Duanesburg Elementary students and staff celebrated School Spirit Day with an assembly by Rick Yarosh and Tom Murphy of Sweethearts & Heroes, learning how to prevent bullying. Students and staff also sported clothing in their school colors of purple and gold.