March 24, 2018


Challenges in life and school lead to good things

students and Mr. Schielke

Nov. 3, 2016


Duanesburg 7th grader Siena Hallberg's mom had breast cancer, and while had - the past tense - is the most important thing, Hallberg's efforts to raise awareness of the fight against the disease are very much in the present.

"My mom had breast cancer, and I thought it would be fun and a good project to do fundraising," Hallberg related. "I'll do it again next year, and I think it was nice of Mr. Schielke to challenge us this year."

Joining with classmates and buddies Bailey Grenier, Ella Moses, Hailey Silva and Ally Yauchler, Hallberg raised $2,000 for breast cancer awareness, an amount set as a goal by Technology Teacher Dan Schielke.

With most all of the baked goods that were donated to the cause sold and numerous students and staff sporting fundraiser pink ribbons and pink hair extensions, the girls and their Class of 2022 peers will celebrate their accomplishments next week by watching Schielke have his dark hair bleached and dyed pink.

Schielke supported the effort because of his own, personal connections to breast cancer, which has impacted his family. "It's affected people in my life, so I'm dying my hair pink for a good cause."



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