March 20, 2018




Building a team? Just add cereal and corn chips

Seniors mentor 7th graders


Dec. 22, 2016


How many high school students does it take to spear six Cheerios with a piece of uncooked spaghetti?

DCS seniors teamed up with 7th grade students from their school to tackle such a challenge.

Students in Rebecca Pless's College Composition/English 123 class are mentoring 30 members of the current 7th grade class, helping them build their soft skills and writing skills and assisting them with career brainstorming and planning.

The mentors and mentees recently got together for a social event where teams were formed and put to the test through various exercises. The seniors and 7th graders exhibited their teams' strength using such tools as Cheerios, corn chips and crackers.

 "It was fun working with my mentee, and I also worked with other mentors' students," said Joe Wolken. "Between my protege and the others, I learned a lot about the 7th graders. It taught me how to connect with students, and since I want to be a teacher, that's great. It opened my eyes to potentially teaching middle school in addition to high school."  

Seniors mentor 7th graders   Seniors mentor 7th graders   Seniors mentor 7th graders


Seniors mentor 7th graders        Seniors mentor 7th graders        Seniors mentor 7th graders