March 24, 2018


Study Circle shows stereotypes the door

Dec. 29, 2016


The setting was calm and collegiate, but the issues were hot-button and real-world when Duanesburg Jr./Sr. High School students joined with their peers from throughout Schenectady County for a two-day Study Circles program at Union College earlier this month.

Facilitators led groups of students through discussions of issues impacting their schools while training them in skills including team building, facilitation and guided discussion. Each school's Study Circle was then challenged to develop an action plan around a particular issue which they would bring back to campus for implementation.

DCS sophomore Anna White was a return participant to the Study Circles program and served as a facilitator this year. "The Study Circle groups focused on diversity and problems in high schools, such as homophobia. For Duanesburg, we  focused on stereotypes," White said.

"While we didn't see stereotypes as a major issue at our school, our action plan promotes being open-minded and kind," she added. "This is necessary in all high schools, where you have a large group of people with different opinions and thoughts within a closed area."

White said she would recommend the Study Circles program to other students, noting "It's important to be kind to one another."


Study Circles

Duanesburg's Study Circle formed an action plan to combat stereotypes. The school's participants included Austin Adams, Isabella Barrantes, Evan Fernandez, Matthew Gentile, Sara Johnson, Joshua Keenan, Emily Lenehan, Gabriella Marucci, Alexander Monroe, Cayla Schaffer and Anna White.