March 24, 2018


Alternative Veterans Tax Exemption advisory vote results - 276 no to 269 yes

Dec. 6, 2016


Duanesburg Central School District resident property owners cast 276 no ballots and 269 yes ballots in a Dec. 6 advisory vote held by the Board of Education to measure the level of support for the New York State Alternative Veterans Tax Exemption (AVE), a partial school tax exemption for military veterans.

As the AVE vote was advisory only, the Board has to now decide whether to formally offer the AVE, which is not funded by the state and so would impact all of the taxpayers in the district.

There are 2,729 taxed parcels (houses, businesses or land) within the school district and an estimated 6,200 eligible voters within the district. To be able to vote, an individual must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old and a resident of the school district for at least 30 days prior to the vote date of Dec. 6.

Under the AVE, the tax levy (total amount of taxes) collected from all residents by the school district would not change, causing a shift in taxes. Veterans applying for the exemption would see their school taxes lowered, while non-veterans and those not applying for the AVE would see an increase.

Non-veterans and veterans who haven’t filed for the AVE for their municipal (town, village, city) taxes are currently covering the cost of that exemption when they pay those municipal taxes. If the Duanesburg Board of Education decides to offer the AVE for school taxes as well, those taxpayers would cover a share of those school taxes. READ MORE ABOUT THE AVE (