May 21, 2018


Resources to help students cope, drills to prepare

Feb. 15, 2018


In view of the school shooting in Florida, DCS would like to inform parents and guardians of available resources to help students cope and planned drills to help students and staff prepare for emergencies.

 "We share our deepest sympathy with all those impacted by the tragedy in Florida," said Duanesburg Superintendent Frank Macri.

"I also would like to reassure our students and their families that the district takes multiple measures to plan for the unimaginable, to the best of our ability. We do this through lockdown drills, early interventions, student support services including counseling, communication with law enforcement and specific on-site training for staff. Our State Troopers are regularly present throughout our high school, and the county sheriff monitors our campuses as well."

Parents, guardians and others may also be interested in the following articles from our Parent Today enewsletter to help children cope:

Macri also noted that a routine lockdown drill that had already been scheduled took place today in the high school.

The district conducts drills throughout the year to address emergency situations. Fire drills, lockdown drills and  go-home-early drills are a routine but important part of keeping students and staff prepared and school safe. Practicing for emergencies is key.