May 21, 2018


HS student drop off, pick up traffic pattern changes begin March 5

Feb. 28, 2018

The traffic pattern for student drop off and pick up at the high school changes on March 5.

In the morning: Buses will drop off students using the bus loop off Alexander Road, also known as the north loop. Buses will proceed to the end of this north loop and drop off students near the front cafeteria entrance doors, which are manned by school staff.

Parents/guardians dropping off students will use the main high school entrance loop, also known as the south loop. Those students also will enter school via the front cafeteria entrance doors.

For Dismissal:
Buses will line up in the north loop to line up to pick up students, who will exit the high school via exits nearest the sidewalks to their buses.

Parents may only use the south loop to pick up their students.

diagram of roadways at HS