June 24, 2018


Harry Folckemer puts DCS career in park

Aug. 7, 2017

Harry Folckemer talks with school children in front of a bus

“Children first, safety always is a motto I came up with a long time ago,” said Harry Folckemer. After living and working by those words for nearly 25 years, Folckemer retired on July 31 from his position as DCS transportation manager.

When Folckemer started with DCS as a mechanic, the transportation department had a very low passing rate on state Department of Transportation safety inspections. Today, the district exceeds state safety requirements.

As Folckemer moved up from mechanic to head mechanic and manager, he worked hard to improve the district’s safety record. “For several years, we’ve had a 90 percent-plus passing rate and for the last two years, it’s been 100 percent,” Folckemer said. “Special thanks go to our mechanic, Jeremy Lawyer, and our drivers, who do proper pre-trip and post-trip safety checks.

“I’m very proud of our record, which is a rare accomplishment in our state.”

At DCS, Folckemer was also responsible for inspecting charter buses before they could transport students on various journeys. He was never shy about failing a vehicle that was not up to standards.

While managing his staff of drivers, monitors and a mechanic as well as his budget, Folckemer kept the district’s fleet up to date, sound and safe on the road, even during the worst winter weather.

 “With Harry’s help, we’ve kept our children safe on their bus runs,” said Superintendent Christine Crowley. “He always put the district’s children first while also being a good financial steward.

“Harry will be missed daily,” she added, “but I wish him all the best in his retirement.”

On July 1, Karen Weiler took the driver’s seat as transportation director. Russ Underwood is assistant director/head mechanic.

When the Great Northeast dishes out that next surprise snowstorm, DCS will remain in good hands while Folckemer gets to sleep in.