June 24, 2018


Be kind, be respectful and be thankful

Oct. 23, 2017

"This trip was worthwhile because we are the last generation that will hear these stories first-hand," JP Moller said.

JP and his Duanesburg Jr./Sr. High School classmates traveled to Sharon Springs Central School recently for a presentation by Holocaust survivor and author Marion Blumenthal Lazan. They came away with much more than a history lesson.

"Her message was to always be kind and respectful to everyone," said Natalie Losito.

"Her presentation was about being thankful for the FREE life we have today and that we are very lucky to have the lives that we live," Jahnna Palluti wrote about Lazan.

Alexandra Yauchler said that she "learned about how awfully people were treated during the Holocaust. I knew it was an awful time, but her speaking about her experience gave me a whole new perspective."

Celeste Neach wrote, "It was worthwhile, because I really understood and pictured all that was happening and imagined everything that [Mrs. Blumenthal Lazan] was saying."

"She was strong for telling something so horrible about her childhood," said Brianna McBain.

Jacob Galvin noted that, "If we had not gone, the chance of meeting a survivor of the Holocaust would have been very low. I felt I learned more from someone who was actually there than I would have in school."

"Mrs. Blumenthal Lazan spoke about her experiences at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and showed students the value of tolerance, acceptance and kindness," said English Teacher Rebecca Pless. "DCS would like to thank Sharon Springs for hosting Marion Blumenthal Lazan and inviting our 8th graders and seniors."

Blumenthal Lazan asks the students to whom she presents to share her story with their friends, children and grandchildren. "When we are not here any longer," she said, "it is you who will have to bear witness. As difficult as it is, the horror of the Holocaust must be taught, must be studied and kept alive. Only then can we guard from it ever happening again."


Marion Blumenthal Lazan speaks in front of students seated in an auditorium              Marion Blumenthal Lazan speaks in front of students seated in an auditorium

Marion Blumenthal Lazan shares her story with students in the Sharon Springs Central School auditorium.
She shows students a star, which Nazis required Jews to wear during the Holocaust.