May 21, 2018


News and notes

Students riding school buses other than their regular routes

From time to time, students ask to have friends ride with them on their school bus. Generally, a student is allowed to bring up to two friends on his or her bus if those friends have permission and a bus pass issued by the elementary or high school main office.

For safety reasons, if there are more than two extra students, they need to ride the late bus. Standing is not allowed on school buses, and more than two extra students per rider could create an overloaded bus.

 To get a bus pass to ride on a bus that's not their usual bus, students must bring a note from their parent/guardian to their school's main office before noon. The note must contain the student's name, whose house he or she going to, and the route number of the bus that the student usually rides.

The office cannot issue a bus pass for notes turned in later than 12 p.m.

School bus safety: Drop off location reminder

For safety and security purposes, elementary school children who board their assigned school bus at DES can only be dropped off at their designated drop off locations/bus stops. Elementary school children cannot exit the bus at Duanesburg Middle/High School--even to get a ride home with older siblings. [READ MORE]


Transportation procedures


student poses in front of a school busSchool bus routes 

Transportation postcards are typically mailed the third week in August, which includes designated pick-up times and locations for the coming school year. Students should arrive at their stop at least five minutes before the scheduled time. The times listed on the cards are only estimates and the actual time can fluctuate until a routine is set.

Transportation requests

The deadline for requests for bus service to non-public schools and other special requests is April 1 of each school year, or within 30 days of moving into the district. Copies of the form are available online or by calling the district office at 518-895-2279. [DOWNLOAD THE FORM]

Parents/child care providers of Kindergarten through grade 3 students

Drivers must see or be assured that an adult is present when a kindergarten through grade 3 student is dropped off. We request that an adult/older student acknowledge the bus by standing in a doorway or waving from a window. If your home is not visible from the road, please make provisions for the student by communicating with the driver or the bus garage. If the driver does not see an adult, the student will return to the Elementary School.

Non-Idling Policy

State law requires that all school buses turn off their engines when loading or unloading students on school grounds, except when necessary for heating, mechanical, or emergency reasons. The non-idling requirement applies to other school vehicles as well. [VIEW A COPY OF THE LAW AND MEMO]

District committed to student safety

Bus safety is everyone's concern—drivers, students, parents and school officials. To that end, the district adheres to state laws and participates in a variety of special activities throughout the school year.

Emergency bus evacuation drills

Each year, the Duanesburg Central School District, in compliance with New York State Education law, holds three bus evacuation drills. During the 15-minute drills, drivers explain bus safety rules and regulations, such as proper behavior and crossing procedures as well as how to locate safety equipment and the emergency exits. Students also learn how to secure the bus, operate the two-way radio and safely evacuate the vehicle in the event of an emergency.

Safety reminder for drivers

It is illegal to pass a school bus displaying its flashing red lights—both on and off school property. The lights are displayed for student safety to indicate when students are boarding or exiting a bus. This law is strictly enforced and violators will be reported. Each year, the district participates in Operation Safe Stop. Throughout the day in April, law enforcement officials are in full force aboard school buses and in marked and unmarked vehicles throughout the district and stateissuing tickets to drivers who pass stopped school buses with their red lights flashing.

Bus safety guidelines

The bus is an extension of the classroom therefore students are required to conduct themselves according to standards established in the classroom. [BUS SAFETY GUIDELINES]

National School Bus Safety Week

The district recognizes and participates in National School Bus Safety Week, which is held each year in October.

Inclement weather-related closings and delays

When a storm is being forecast, the superintendent and transportation manager work together to monitor the weather from the National Weather Service paying close attention to the forecasted duration of the storm as well as the severity. They also confer with staff at the town and county highway departments who are monitoring the local road conditions, as well as with transportation staff and superintendents in neighboring school districts.

The transportation manager also gets up at 4 a.m. to drive a few of the major and secondary roadways within the district paying close attention to road conditions, visibility of bus stops, etc. The superintendent also works in cooperation with the buildings and grounds staff to ensure that school roads, parking lots and sidewalks can be plowed in time for the start of school.

The superintendent uses all the information gathered, typically throughout the evening and early morning hours, to determine whether or not the district can get students to and from school safely. A decision of whether to close or delay school is typically made by 5:15 a.m.


If you have any transportation-related questions or concerns, contact Transportation Director Karen Weiler or Assistant Director Russ Underwood at 518-895-2511.