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contract negotiations

Now that the school budget has passed does this mean we will not be hearing about the contract talks between the school and the union.

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Contract negotiations are still underway. Once an agreement has been reached, the public will be notified.

When do you see the union and the district coming to an agreement and will the info be posted?

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At this time contract negotiations with the teachers union are underway. Once an agreement has been reached the district will notify the public. However, at this time, it is difficult to estimate when that will be.

People keep saying that the teachers are going to have a boycott and not show up and that we are going to be sent home from school. I don't think its true, but what is going on here?

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The Duanesburg Central School District is currently in negotiations with its teachers union, which may be the reason behind this rumor. However, Taylor Law, also known as the Public Employees Fair Employment Act, was enacted in 1967 to promote a balance in the relationship between public employees and their employers. It enumerates collective bargaining rights and prohibits strikes by public employees.

I was wondering if it was true that the school pays 100% of the teachers health coverage, and if so what is the odds of having the teachers pay 20% of it to off set some cost savings?

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The district pays 100 percent of a teacher's individual healthcare coverage. Currently, the district and teachers union are in contract negotiations, and healthcare is a subject of conversation. 

Since the School District and the Teacher's Union have not agreed to a new contract, are there hard options being considered to reduce costs? Examples being:
1) Ending negotiation meetings with the Union and hiring all teachers on a case by case basis with individual contracts. Any teacher who is not willing to sign an individual contract would be let go and a new teacher (there are many looking for work) could be hired at a starting salary.
2) Stating that the district will move toward a merit-based raise/promotion system and away from a seniority based system. This will create an environment where the teachers will be striving to do what they can and not feeling a sense of entitlement.
3) There are many services that the district has to pay individuals (other than teachers) to provide. The District could save a lot of money mandating that their teachers become bus monitors, Club Advisors, detention teacher, In-School Suspension subs at no additional pay. The teachers would not be losing salary, but would be able to help the district through these hard times.

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While these are all creative suggestions for cost-savings, the district cannot implement such ideas without union negotiations because of state laws, specifically the Public Employees Fair Employment Act, more commonly known as the Taylor Law

Your suggestions are still appreciated, though. The school board is trying to be very fair and reasonable in their negotiations. They are focused on reaching a resolution that is fair and reasonable to taxpayers while maintaining a competitive contract that attracts highly qualified teachers to work in Duanesburg.