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What is the date the kids go back to school in September?

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The first day of school is Thursday, September 8, 2011. The one-page 2011-12 school year calendar was posted online on May 11. This calendar includes vacation days, holidays, testing days and more. Download it here.

Since there was a snow day on Monday, March 7, will we have to make up a day?

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No. This winter, the district had to use four snow days due to inclement weather. At this point, the district does NOT have to add any school days to the calendar. However, school will be in session on Friday, May 27. (This day was scheduled to be a contingent holiday ONLY IF the district had unused snow days, which it does not.)


What was the cost of the "Swipe System" to our District and who determined the idea? Why not install dead bolt locks on those doors instead of spending money on a Swipe System.

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The District Safety Committee explored and researched building access for two years and the Board's Building & Grounds Committee approved and supported the recommendations. A swipe card system allows the district to eliminate the need to "re-key" a building if keys are lost or stolen because a lost or stolen swipe card can be deactivated in seconds. Since the district already has the swipe card system it's only adding card readers to doors, which is a one-time cost investment of less than $10,000.


Is there any chance that a pre k program would be started in the district in the future?

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There are no plans to start a pre-kindergarten program at this time. The idea was explored by a committee in the fall of 2007. They examined the possibility of starting a program in-house or with a community partner, and determined that the district did not have enough space or funding to run an in-house program. The most recent state aid run does not include any specific funding for such a program. Additionally, when state funding (full-day conversion aid and a start-up grant) became available for a full-day kindergarten program, this became the district's first priority


Has the concept of year round schooling or the benefits of longer days etc. ever been considered for the district?

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The concept has been discussed. However, a number of factors come into consideration when talking about a longer school year and/or school day, such as employee contracts, athletics, transportation, day care issues and much more. Additionally, the district receives state aid based on a certain number of calendar days and hours per day. Any deviation from this would need to be initiated by the state to ensure the necessary funding is received.

Is there really a community group trying to build an auditorium here? How can I help?

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Yes, there is a group that is raising money to pay for the architectural study needed to plan and build an auditorium in the Duanesburg Central School District.

They recently held a meeting to begin planning the First Annual Arts Fest and Alumni Concert to benefit the fund. The group is planning to host the event on Saturday, June 6, 2009, at Duanesburg Middle/High School.
For more information, contact Dionne Grygas at or Polly Benjamin at, attend the next meeting on Wednesday, April 22, at 3 p.m. in the elementary school music room or download the attached letter.

If we get sent to other schools will we get to choose which school we are sent to?

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I have to assume this question refers to the New York State Commission on Property Tax Relief's recommendation to consolidate school districts with less than 1,000 students. At this time, this is just a recommendation. There are no plans to consolidate, nor is there any indication of how such a proposal would work.