April 24, 2018

School is cool at CCU

March 30, 2015

Who volunteers to go to school on a cold, dark night? Teachers and parents at Duanesburg Elementary School, that's who! They recently came together for Common Core University, an enjoyable evening program presented by DES faculty to acquaint parents and guardians with the curriculum - what their children are learning - under the new Common Core Standards for math, material that's designed to better prepare students across the nation for their future.

More than 30 parents and guardians of students in kindergarten through 5th grade participated in the event along with faculty, staff and board of education members. The goal was to help parents/guardians become more involved in their children's education and become a bridge to their classroom and teacher, while explaining the benefits and positive outcomes of the Common Core curriculum.

"If you remove the controversial topics that are sometimes mentioned in discussions related to the Common Core, what remains is a program that is just awesome, with time to teach children more thoroughly and enjoyably," said 3rd-Grade Teacher Spencer Falco. "Common Core is just about everywhere in our country, so if a family moves to another state, their children will learn the same material and equal preparation. And it's more fun, because you can really see a student learn how to break down a problem in a new way and then 'get' a concept or lesson."

Participants enjoyed the evening, as evidenced in their responses to an exit poll, such as "The teachers' enthusiasm was awesome. I'm glad DES took time out to give a glimpse of how our children are learning." "It was very helpful to have strategies explained to use with your child. It helped to see examples and be given ideas as a way to help your child at home." "It was good to hear what other grades' expectations and methods of teaching are to get a sense of what [a student] should already know and what he needs to know before going forward."

The developers of Common Core U - Falco, Elementary Principal Andrea Conover, 1st-grade Teacher Robert Lane, 2nd-grade Teacher Melissa Walsh, 3rd-Grade Teacher Theresa McCabe, 4th-grade Teacher Geoff Switts, and 5th-grade Teacher Christina Stryjek - are planning another such evening in the future.

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