March 20, 2018

These improvements are elementary

Jan. 12, 2017

If you visit Duanesburg Elementary, you'll see lots of positive changes that are part of the capital project approved by district voters in 2015.

When you enter the new glass-enclosed main office vestibule, you'll be sheltered from the weather after checking in with office staff using an updated school security system.

In the hallways, you'll see signs for rooms and offices, and large, colorful bulletin boards along the walls.

If you look from the outside, the new gym addition, sporting a brickface exterior, is near completion. Inside, you'll find a fresh coat of paint and ductwork for energy-efficient air handlers. Next up: installation of a modern flooring system to help students safely build healthy bodies.

Work continues on the multi-year repair, renovation and construction project, which addresses concerns voiced by community members and will make DCS schools safer, healthier and better suited to today's learners.

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