May 21, 2018

A storied send-off into summer

July, 2016

Duanesburg Elementary students had a storied send-off into summer when they celebrated the culmination of their “Home is Where the Stories Begin,” literacy project. The year-long project revived the art of storytelling at home to inspire the children to listen, write, read and communicate.

In November, children’s author Coleen Paratore visited Duanesburg Elementary and taught the students how to tell their own tales. She explored creative writing with them through assemblies, small groups and one-to-one conversations, and the students enjoyed learning how to express their ideas and experiences. Faculty and staff also enjoyed the author's insights and energy.

By the end of the school year, the students completed book of their collections of memoirs and original stories. On June 10, Paratore returned to Duanesburg Elementary for a year-end celebration of their efforts.

“Sharing stories connected students with their families, teachers, school staff and each other, and the book celebrates their efforts,” said Elementary Principal Andrea Conover. “Active listening, creative writing and learning from nonfiction, such as true stories and history, are essential skills that students must master and build upon. By uncovering family history, creating their own stories and sharing with others in school, elementary students grew their skills while enjoying the process.”

Paratore is the author of "FIREFLIES: A Writer’s Notebook." View photos below.