March 20, 2018

Elementary School improvements continue

Nov. 8, 2016; updated Nov. 14, 2016

Many needed repairs, upgrades and improvements have been made at Duanesburg Elementary as part of the capital project approved by district voters in 2015. When school opened in September, students and staff walked into a brighter, fresher, updated building, and work continues to improve their learning environment.

A reconstructed main entrance and office area have increased security and safety for students and staff, and much-needed renovations were made to the 1st and 2nd-grade classroom wings and to other areas of the school to address ventilation, energy efficiency and moisture issues. Exterior walls were repaired, an original boiler was replaced and a temperature control system was installed. Wheelchair-accessible restrooms and new classroom cabinetry were added and sidewalks and curbs repaired.

Work continues as part of the multi-year repair, renovation and construction plan, which addresses concerns voiced by district residents and will make DCS schools safer, healthier and better suited to modern learning.

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