August 19, 2017
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In addition to the events and news specific to Duanesburg High School posted on this webpage, be sure to check our district home page for extensive news listings. SNN subscribers receive e-mail updates, and if desired, emergency closing text messages. PDFs of district newsletters may be found on the publications page.

Supply list for 7th grade students

Aug. 7, 2017

Recommended school supplies for 7th graders to have by Sept. 15 are now posted, along with a print-friendly list. READ MORE

Reminder re fall sports sign up

July 31, 2017

Sign up for fall sports via our athletic page rschooltoday quicklink.

Congrats award and scholarship recipients

May 26, 2017

More than 70 awards and scholarships were presented at a May 25 ceremony at the high school. Congrats to all. VIEW FACEBOOK PHOTOS

Fall sports physicals will not be provided during summer

April 25, 2017

Sports physicals for the fall 2017 seasons will not be held during the summer.

Test resources for parents of students in grades 3-8

Our Parent Today free enewsletter and website posted an article to help parents and guardians prepare their children for not only tests, but for coping with stress throughout their lives. DOWNLOAD THE ARTICLE

The New York State Education Department also offers testing resources. READ MORE

A lock on fun and fellowship

They didn't sleep, they didn't snooze and they had a great time. On Thursday, March 16, nearly 100 students from grades 9-12 participated in a lock-in event at the high school, remaining there overnight to boost morale and build friendships. READ MORE

Seniors interview seniors to shine light on happiness

What does it take to be happy in life? High school seniors reached out to Duanesburg’s retired Baby Boomers to find out. READ MORE

Fight the flu

Flu is serious. Keep your family healthy. READ MORE

Powerful choices, powerful consequences

Life changing: that's what students called the Choices program. READ MORE

NYS child abuse or neglect reporting resources

The NYS Office of Children and Family Services operates a toll-free hotline to receive reports of child abuse and neglect. READ MORE

Study Circle shows stereotypes the door

The setting was calm and collegiate, but the issues were hot-button and real-world. READ MORE

Building a team? Just add cereal and corn chips

How many students does it take to spear a Cheerios with a piece of spaghetti? READ MORE

Tools for Schools

Linking your Price Chopper AdvantEdge Card to Tools For Schools for Duanesburg High School helps earn free classroom equipment. Enroll at and use school code 15743.

Students riding school buses other than their regular routes

From time to time, students ask to have friends ride with them on their school bus. Generally, a student is allowed to bring up to two friends on his or her bus if those friends have permission and a bus pass issued by their school's main office. For safety reasons, if there are more than two extra students, they need to ride the late bus. READ MORE

Bullying prevention lasts more than a month

High School students and staff celebrated Unity Day by dressing in as much orange as possible, with the goal of taking a stand against bullying. READ MORE

UHS courses saved students $113,500+ in tuition costs, built firm foundation for college success

Successfully completing numerous college-level courses before graduation: good. Entering college with 25 credits that would have taken two semesters to earn: great. Earning more than half of those credits for free: priceless. READ MORE

Community Service Awards will recognize student volunteerism

DCS and the Board of Education will formally honor student volunteerism through a new community service recognition program. READ MORE

Is your SNN information up to date?

Now is a good time to review your SNN information, particularly if your children have moved to a new school building. READ MORE

Prescription drug alert

Did you know many young people believe it is safe to take medicine out of the cabinet even if it was not prescribed for them? Many of today's prescriptions are for pain medications that can be deadly, addictive and in some cases lead to the use of dangerous illegal drugs like heroin. Parents, speak to your teens about prescription drug dangers and make sure medications are not accessible to them. READ MORE

Phone number update reminder for parents/guardians

Please keep DCS informed of updates to your phone numbers (i.e. new job, cell phone replacing a house phone, etc.). In case of emergency, we need  an active number to call you.

Student and teacher assignments: A delicate balance

Assigning students to a teacher is a task that is taken very seriously at DCS, with a goal of to creating balanced classrooms by finding the best possible fit for each student and teacher. Best practices/models for teacher-student classroom assignments and optimal classroom productivity methods have been shared among educators for years. Coupling those practices/models with the careful planning used by DCS teachers in assigning students to a teacher is why school officials have always refrained from accepting teacher requests from parents.

“We understand that convenience and familiarity play a role in parents wanting the same teacher to educate their other children,” says Superintendent Christine Crowley. “But we have a responsibility to all students to create a well-balanced classroom that takes many factors into consideration.” READ MORE

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