June 24, 2018

Counseling Center



Counseling Center staff

To reach a counselor, please call (518) 895-5350, ext. 227*. A student may also schedule an appointment to meet with his/her school counselor through the office. The Counseling Center fax is: (518) 895-3090


Meet our counselors

School counselors are trained professionals who work with students, teachers, administrators and parents to help children have a positive and successful school experience. Our school counselors are available to assist students who are having difficulty at school or home. 

DCS welcomed School Counselor Kristina (Gabriele) Goebel to the high school staff on Sept. 1, 2015, joining Liz Halvorsen, who joined the staff during the summer of 2014. READ MORE ABOUT THEM


What services do we provide?

The school counselors assist with character education, course selection, computer-assisted career and college counseling, college admissions and post-high school planning, advisement, job search information, financial aid and scholarship information.

Counseling services include the following: personal counseling for a wide range of issue facing children and teens, vocational counseling, group counseling, career counseling, college counseling and academic counseling. Peer tutoring is available for those students who are either in need of a tutor or who would like to be a peer tutor.

What is needed to register a student for school?

Students must be registered by a parent or guardian. Parents/guardians will need to provide residency documentation, birth certificate, social security card and record of immunizations to register their child. For more information, contact Joanne Boyd, ext. 243 or visit the Registration Web page

News for all students:

- Peer Tutoring Applications are available via this website and in the Counseling Center.

7th & 8th Grade news:

- Tip Number 1 – Do your homework and keep assignments organized. Make sure you know when tests are coming up and study.
- Tip Number 2 – Know your locker combination and keep it organized. Believe it or not, not knowing your combination can ruin your whole day. Keep your combination in a hidden place, such as a folder, so that you are not late to class. If your locker becomes disorganized, you will not be able to find your completed assignments.

Freshmen & sophomores news:

- Be sure to sign up to receive notifications from the Counseling Center through Remind; see below.

Juniors & seniors news:

Please listen to the morning announcements to see when college representatives will be coming in. If there is a college representative you would like to see, please sign up in the Counseling Center so we can provide a pre-signed pass and dismiss you from your class.

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CEEB Code: 331585

Community Service Recognition

DCS and the Board of Education honors student volunteerism through a community service recognition program.

Excelsior Schoharship: Attend a SUNY or CUNY institution Tuition free

Our high school counselors gave a presentation at open house about a new scholarship option for New York state residents.

Paying for College Without Parents - A resource

This website, part of Affordable, contains helpful information for all students, not just those paying for college on their own. For example, learn how to cut costs while attending college. Visit the website at:

If you cannot access or download a PDF, please contact the Counseling Office for a printed version.