February 01, 2016

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High School Arts & Activities


Cafe Abstract

Advisor: Mr. Kevin DiTondo

Cafe Abstract is energetic, positive, self-driven team of young students who work afterschool on individual or group artwork either on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the availability of the students. Students use the time to work on classroom or individual projects that could not be accomplished in 42 minute periods. The club has also been responsible for the large murals on the outside of the art annex.

Drama Club

Advisor: Mrs. Mira Ordon

Drama Club is an organization for any student interested in the performing arts. Whether one has interests on the stage or behind the scenes, we have got something for everyone. The goal of Drama Club is to enable young people to gain an appreciation for the arts, and to increase self-confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of responsibility by providing an opportunity for children to participate in a full length musical or play. The Drama Club begins at the beginning of the school year and ends with a major production presented in November.

FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America

Advisor: Mrs. Stephanie Ferlazzo

Eligibility - Grades 9-12
Membership in FBLA helps students learn about business and provides the opportunity to see the "real world" through interaction with business leaders. FBLA is a national association of nearly a quarter million students interested in becoming more successful in the business world. Student members of FBLA will have the opportunity to gain community service experience, leadership development, career preparation, networking with peers and business professionals, and may have the opportunity to attend Leadership Conferences as well as competitions.

Leo Club

Advisor: Mrs. Karen Kanarkewicz

The Leo Club conducts a variety of charitable activities throughout the year, from hosting blood drives to beautifying school grounds and helping at the annual Equinox Thanksgiving dinner. The club is sponsored by Lions clubs to inspire volunteerism and leadership in young people ages 12 and up.


Advisor: Mr. Tom Reiter

Masterminds is a high school version of the quiz show Jeopardy. Students test their knowledge of high school subjects, as well as pop culture by competing against schools from around the region. Students in grades 9-12 are encouraged to join the team, since a broad variety of knowledge is needed. Practice sessions are usually held a day or two in advance of each competition to help students sharpen their thinking skills. Masterminds offers a little bit of everything: competition, learning and lots of fun!

National Honor Society

Advisor: Ms. Lisa Della Rocco

The National Honor Society ranks as one of the oldest and most prestigious national organizations for high school students. It was founded in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. To be eligible for membership in the National Honor Society: A student must be a sophomore, junior or senior;  be in attendance at the school for the equivalent of one semester;  have a cumulative average of at least 88 percent. Additionally, students will be evaluated on the basis of service, leadership, and character. For this evaluation to take place, students must complete an activity information form and essay to aid the faculty council. Letters of verification must be included with the activity form. The selection of each member of the chapter shall be by a majority vote of the faculty council.

Odyssey of the Mind

Creative problem solving comes from teamwork, cooperation and risk-taking. That’s the principle behind Odyssey of the Mind, an international problem-solving competition that is both fun and challenging. Students team up to work on one of several open-ended problems that the international organization poses each year. For example, one problem may require students to build a structure that meets specific guidelines. Another problem may require a theatrical solution that is written and performed by students. There is a regional competition each spring and, depending on how students score, they may proceed to the state level or beyond.

Science Fair (Grades K-8)

The science fair provides a venue for all district students and home-schooled students in grades K-8 to share the results of their exploration. The science fair is a voluntary project, and is not a part of regular class work. The most important aspect of the fair is encouraging students to have hands-on fun with science and allowing them to discover how science works in their lives. Students are encouraged to work on their project throughout the fall after their regular school assignments have been completed. Students may work individually or with a partner to expand on topics they have learned about in class or they may explore an interest of their own.

Senior Honors Project Coordinator

This is an independently designed and executed course of study undertaken by a senior who has a deep interest in a topic not included in any courses offered within the school district. Student must submit an application and select a mentor who is an expert in the particular field. The required 200 hours provide a venue for a college and/or job applicant to stand out from the crowd.

Student Council

Advisor: Mrs. Rebecca (Meyer) Pless

Student Council membership provides an avenue for students to discuss ways to improve their school and have a voice in school operations. The Student Council sponsors several dances each year. Other activities include various service projects and fundraisers that help support student field trips at all grade levels. This is a great way for students to get leadership experience while having a positive impact on their school.

Study Circles

 Advisor: Mrs. Laura Hopkins

Study Circles are small-group, democratic, participatory discussions held over a limited number of sessions and offer everyday people the chance to get to know one another, consider different points of view, explore disagreements, find common ground and work together to take action on issues they care about. Every December (since 2000), high school students from the public schools in Schenectady County converge on the Union College campus for two days of study circles. Student study circles are led by student facilitators who have been participants in at least one previous study circle program and have had eight hours of facilitator training. The study circle discussions conclude with an "Action Forum" at the end of the second day when students from each school meet together to develop an action plan to carry out in their individual schools to improve race relations and to better understand diversity.


Ms. Melanie O'Neill, Mr. Dan Schielke

Members of the yearbook staff work hard all year to create a lasting memory of the school year. Students are encouraged to contribute by taking pictures, writing captions and gathering information. If you’re responsible, good at managing your time, hard-working and dedicated to producing a yearbook for everyone to enjoy then this is the club for you!  

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