August 22, 2017
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Harry Folckemer puts DCS career in park

Aug. 7, 2017

Children first, safety alwayswas his motto for nearly 25 years. READ MORE

Coding is cool

Aug. 7, 2017

Calculations and coding are fun when used to solve puzzles. READ MORE

Reminder re fall sports sign up

July 31, 2017

Sign up for fall sports via our athletic page rschooltoday quicklink.

Field and stream learning

July 20, 2017

Rivers and streams provided a living classroom for 3rd graders. READ MORE

Golfer Angela Sorrentino awarded scholarship

July 13, 2017

Class of '17 golfer honored by Cap Region Golf Owners Association. READ MORE

No more in-person tax payments at DCS office

July 13, 2017

School tax payments will no longer be accepted in-person at the DCS central office. Payments must be either mailed or made online. READ MORE

Where to find us this summer

Due to construction, all high school staff are located at the elementary school. The central office is not affected and is open 7:30-3 p.m.

Parent Today is a great read that arrives in emailboxes - is yours one of them?

Are you signed up for Parent Today? This free, monthly email newsletter and blog bridges families and the classroom with research-based information presented in an award-winning, easy-to-follow format. READ MORE ABOUT PARENT TODAY AND HOW TO SUBSCRIBE

Student and teacher assignments: A delicate balance

Assigning students to a teacher is a task that is taken very seriously at DCS, with a goal of to creating balanced classrooms by finding the best possible fit for each student and teacher. Best practices/models for teacher-student classroom assignments and optimal classroom productivity methods have been shared among educators for years. Coupling those practices/models with the careful planning used by DCS teachers in assigning students to a teacher is why school officials have always refrained from accepting teacher requests from parents.

“We understand that convenience and familiarity play a role in parents wanting the same teacher to educate their other children,” says Superintendent Christine Crowley. “But we have a responsibility to all students to create a well-balanced classroom that takes many factors into consideration.” READ MORE

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